Curriculum Intent

In the dance department at Hedingham School we intend to ensure that students can perform, choreograph and critically appreciate the work of professional dance practitioners and their own work. Therefore, we engage students in practical activity to provide the maximum time available to develop skills, knowledge and opportunity to apply their learning. Across the key stages the dance curriculum intends to provide the opportunity for students to become more competent, confident and expert across the aspects of Choreography, Performing and Appreciation.

We aim to equip our students to build knowledge in a variety of dance styles, professional works and topic areas. Through this students are exposed to Dance from different cultures, covering a range of subject matters to prepare them for the world outside of education. Students gradually build skill application in relation to Action, Space, Dynamics and Relationships. We ask students to make connections between topic areas, as we revisit and develop student understanding to a deeper level.

The dance curriculum promotes a number of transferable skills including resilience, teamwork, communication, cooperation and imagination. We aim to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a career in the Performing Arts Industry. Through the curriculum we encourage students to consider links to their next steps.

Through dance students learn how to train safely, and develop an understanding of the benefits of increased exercise, including both mental and physical health benefits. Dance provides students will the regular opportunity to be involved in trips, workshops and productions, offering opportunity to broaden their horizons.