Study Periods

One of the key differences between Post 16 education and GCSEs is Independent study. This is wider reading, homework, research tasks that students are set outside of lesson time by their teachers to support the work that is done in lessons. Independent study is as important to a students final grades as the work done in lessons.

To support students with the amount of Independent Study they are expected to do in KS5, sessions on how to work well independently are given in PD sessions at the start of year 12. Teachers, tutors and the sixth form team are also all on hand to support students with the amount of additional work required by post 16 study. 

At Hedingham we recommend that students should be spending an additional 5 hours per week, per subject on Independent study. These study sessions are on students timetables and they are expected to sign in for these sessions.

Independent study work is set using Microsoft Teams and emails.

Students are able to use one the 3 dedicated study areas to complete independent work.