Extended Project Qualification

The Level 3 Extended Project Qualification is an opportunity for students to embark on a self-directed and self-motivated journey. The qualification encourages both creativity and curiosity as well as requiring a high level of independence and commitment. Students will be asked to choose a topic, plan, research and develop an idea. The finished product may take the form of:

• Research based written report (5000 words)
• An artefact* (eg piece of art, a computer game or realised design)
• A production* (eg charity event, fashion show or sports event)

*A written report must accompany these options (1000 words minimum)

A Level 3 Extended Project Qualification is worth the equivalent of half an A Level. Therefore, the completion of the qualification can support the application or further education, apprenticeship and progression into a work place.

Universities are now considering changing offers based on EPQs. For example, the University of Southampton is the first to have a dedicated admissions offer for EPQ students, the University of Birmingham provide alternative offers for those who may fall short of requirements but have an EPQ result and the University of East Anglia have a Bright Spark Scholarship offering £3000 for students with excellent EPQ results to name a few.

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Extended Project Qualifications Information