Arbor Parent Portal


Welcome to Arbor!

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully moved MIS providers to Arbor Education. Alongside a variety of new and exciting in school features for teachers and administrative staff, Arbor provides a Parent Portal and Parent App for use by Parents/Guardians of students at Hedingham School & Sixth Form.

If you have received your login details via your email, you can login using the below instructions. Please note, this will only work if a) you are listed as a Primary Guardian for a student and b) we have an up to date email address on your guardian profile. If the below doesn't work, please get in touch with the school and we will be able to update your details on our system where necessary and subsequently send your login details out.


Logging into Arbor:

If you wish to use the Parent Portal this can be achieved through any device with a Web Browser (Arbor recommends Google Chrome, however the new version of Edge also works fine). 

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2a - If this is the first time you have used this service, click "Forgotten your password?". This will then prompt you to enter your email address. If a correct email address is linked to your guardian profile, this will initiate a password reset email to your email. Once this is done, you will be able to login with your email and password. If you do not receive a password reset email then a) check your SPAM folder in your email to ensure that it hasn't been delivered there or b) get in touch with the school and we can update your guardian profile with a correct email address. On your first time logging in, you will be prompted to enter the Date of Birth of one of the children you are a primary guardian for, this is for further GDPR compliance.

Step 2b - If this is not your first time logging in, simply enter your email and password which you have previously set up and select "Login".

Step 3 - If you have access to a mobile device or tablet download the Arbor app. This is available on both Apple and Google app stores. Search for Arbor and download the application by "Arbor Education" (it should have the same logo as shown above).


Guidance on using Arbor:

To support your use of the Arbor App, Arbor has an extensive dedicated help section on their website, located here: Using Parent Portal and the Arbor App as a parent – Arbor Help Centre.

We suggest having a read of the short section A quick introduction to Arbor for guardians and parents – Arbor Help Centre to help familiarise yourself with what information you will be able to see about your child/children from within Arbor.


Information Accessible Through Arbor:

To begin with, we intend to use the Arbor App for the following:

  • Reporting House Points (please note, initially these will start at 0 and will be carried migrated over from our old system within a few weeks),
  • Reporting Attendance
  • Adding/Amending Student Profile Information
  • Distributing Student Reports
  • Viewing Student Timetables
  • In-App Messaging to/from Hedingham School & Sixth Form

The features we use will continue to grow as Arbor becomes more embedded in our everyday school life.

We have created a dedicated email address for Arbor related queries and issues. Please email if you have any specific issues with accessing the Arbor Portal or using the Arbor App. Due to GDPR compliance, Arbor will only speak directly with the school with issues surrounding Arbor so please, direct any questions to the school and we will liaise with Arbor if required.

As mentioned in a previous correspondence, the "MyEd" application will no longer work from Saturday 2nd April, so all further information and communications will be distributed via the Arbor Portal/Arbor App.