Year 12 Enterprise Challenge

Very much our ‘Blue Ribbon’ careers event, Enterprise Challenge gives students the opportunity to develop skills that will benefit them in the world of work. Working in partnership with a company, the students work towards a solution to a given challenge and by doing so they can gain a real insight into the way decision-making impacts on a business. Many businesses rely on effective teamwork, therefore, students will work in small teams throughout the event. This will enable them to develop a wide range of key skills such as leadership and communication.

Taking part in this event is valuable in providing evidence as part of the student’s application process for university, college, apprenticeship or gaining employment. Students are able to widen and develop their personal statements greatly using examples from this programme. During the 4 days the team have to work together to complete various tasks as well as work independently. All tasks contain deadlines, so effective time management is crucial. They can gain points for extra effort and lose points for failing to complete tasks within the deadline.