Computer Science

Curriculum Intent

Computer Science is the study of natural and artificial information processes. When students study Computer Science and IT at Hedingham School they don't just learn how to use computers, they learn about how computers work, why computers have to work in the ways they do and how to use a series of skills to make computers work in the way that they want them to. 

The world has moved on from traditional ICT (Information Communication Technology) and has continued to grow and expand into an industry full of diverse and exciting opportunities. During Key Stage 3 all students study Computer Science and IT for 2 lessons a fortnight. In these lessons students are given an understanding of a small portion of a huge growing subject area. Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills designed to aid them in a variety of ventures. These skills develop alongside their traditional IT skills using appropriate software tools to collect and present information in appropriate formats. Students utilise online software such as Microsoft OneNote to collate their work into an appropriate folder structure teaching them the core principles of digital file organisation and structure.


Schemes of Work

Year 7

  • Unit 1 - The Safe and Legal Use of Computers
  • Unit 2 - Computational Thinking
  • Unit 3 - The History of Computer Science
  • Unit 4 - Data Representation: The Binary System
  • Unit 5 - Programming with Scratch


Year 8

  • Unit 1 - Python Programming
  • Unit 2 - Data Representation: The Hexadecimal Number System
  • Unit 3 - Hardware and Software
  • Unit 4 - Networking and Cloud Computing


Year 9

  • Unit 1 - Python Programming
  • Unit 2 - Data Representation: Images and Sound Representation
  • Unit 3 - Mobile APP Development
  • The IDEA Award


Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11)

At Key Stage 4 we offer two different routes of study, these are GCSE Computer Science (AQA) and Cambridge National in Creative iMedia (IT). Students can opt to study both of these subjects as the skills built in each subject are different, but provide complimentary skills to one another. A copy of the subject information and a copy of the GCSE Computer Science and Creative iMedia (IT) curriculum maps.


Key Stage 5 (Year 12 & 13)

At Key Stage 5 we currently offer A-Level Computer Science (AQA) and BTEC Level 3 Information Technology. Again, students can choose to opt to study both subjects as they provide students with a wide and varied differing skill set.

From September 2022 the BTEC Information Technology course will be removed and replaced with an exciting new T-Level called "Digital Business Services". Whilst the name of the course does not 'shout' IT skills, the course is part of the 'Digital' route of T-Levels and offers students a wide variety of IT skills including a 45-day work placement. T-Levels are different to A-Levels in that students opt to carry out 1 route of study meaning that a T-Level is the only thing they study (worth 3 x A-Levels). More information about the upcoming T-Level can be found HERE.

Please click on the box below to download a copy of the curriculum maps for Key Stage 3 Computer Science & ICT.