Sports and Fitness

Students at Hedingham are given numerous opportunities to take part in organised sporting events and social sporting activities.

Students can sign up for the Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA) This qualification involves students running and organising sporting events for local primary schools and supporting with sports events with the lower school such as helping to run and organise the schools Sports Day. Students can either Sign up for the One Year Level 2 award which is equivalent to a GCSE or the Two year award which is equivalent to an A level and comes with UCAS points. 

Sixth Formers have access to the schools gym facilities free of charge and are given free training session on how to use the equipment safely by a member of the PE staff.

The PE department organise football and Rugby matches against over local colleges.

A large number of students help and support with sports clubs in the lower school ranging from football, netball, athletics and cricket.

Friday lunchtimes there is a student run and organised 5-a-side league that is open to all students in the sixth form.

At the end of the Spring Term there is also the annual Year 12 vs Year 13 Varsity Football match.