Higher Education Fair

As part of our careers programme here at Hedingham School, we offer students opportunities throughout their school life to gain an insight into Higher Education. With this in mind we have organised two visits to Essex University which are designed to give students better understanding of college and university life and to allow them to gather information about applying for Higher Education in the future.

Year 12 University Insight

The aim of the day is to allow your son/daughter to experience life at a university. Even if students think university is not an option for them the day will broaden your horizons. There will also be a number of information sessions on a variety of courses including Law, Sports Science, Social Work, Computer Science, Politics, Biological Sciences, English and many more. The coach will leave school at 8.45 am and will return by 3.15 pm. Students should bring a packed lunch because although there are outlets where they can buy food on campus, these will be very crowded as over 1000 students are attending the day!

Year 12 University Fair

Between 120 – 150 universities and colleges are being represented and your son/daughter will have the chance of speaking to admissions tutors and students about courses they might be interested in. Your son/daughter can also collect prospectuses to look at later at their leisure. It is really important that students do some research into courses and universities that they may be interested in before we go so that they can make the most of the day. There are also a series of short lectures on different courses and general issues such as funding and Oxbridge applications. We plan to leave school at 8.45 am and once again we will be back by the 3.15 pm. Once again students are advised to bring packed lunch for the day.