Maths (A Level)

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The aim of our curriculum post-16, is to ensure that all students have a route to continue developing their mathematical skills. Whether that be by choosing A level Mathematics, Level 3 Core Maths or further study of GCSE Maths. The curriculum aims to continue to develop students’ problem solving skills and build on their current knowledge of Mathematical fundamentals. Students will be expected to communicate solutions using Mathematical vocabulary and be able to apply their skills to real life problems. We endeavour to encourage a curiosity and love of Mathematics and hope to inspire students to continue their Mathematics education beyond their time at Hedingham school.  


In the space underneath, you will find specific information related to this subject. As Key Stage 5 specifications change, it is possible that the course being offered to Year 12 is different to that being studied in Year 13.

With that in mind, please find attached below, links to the respective courses being offered to current Year 12 and Year 13 students.

Year 12 - A Level Maths:

Year 13 - A Level Maths:


Please find attached below, the Curriculum Maps for both Year 12 and Year 13: