Hedingham School and Sixth Form has a variety of different leaders at different levels who are responsible for different aspects of our school. Click below to find out more.

Below you will find the structure of our Senior Leadership Team at Hedingham School and Sixth Form. This includes 1 Headteacher, 1 Deputy Headteacher, 5 Assistant Headteachers and 1 Business Manager.

Hedingham Sixth Form has a Leader and Deputy Leader of Sixth Form supported by 2 Sixth Form Assistants.


Position Staff Member
Leader of Sixth Form Mr Rory Hyde
Deputy Leader of Sixth Form Mr Paddy Sadler
Sixth Form Assistant Mrs Sue Miley
Sixth Form Assistant Miss S Hannam

In the space provided below you will find information about the Subject Leaders in each of the respective areas around the school. We encourage students to liaise directly with their teachers, however should you need to speak to the respective Subject Leader for any reason, please contact the school reception, who can arrange this on your behalf.

Subject Area Leader of Subject Departmental Email (Only used during periods of remote learning)
English Mrs A.Barker english@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Maths Mrs G.Woodley maths@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Science Dr J.Finn science@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
History Miss H.Wallis history@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Geography Miss E.Salmon geography@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Modern Foreign Languages Miss C.Dezert french@hedingham.essex.sch.uk / german@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Computer Science and IT Mrs A.Ravi computerscience@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Art Mr D.Nancarrow art@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Business Studies Mr A.Illingworth businessstudies@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Design Technology Mr J.Gamble dt@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Media Studies and Photography Miss E.Hodgson mediastudies@hedingham.essex.sch.uk 
Music Mr R.Cull music@hedingham.essex.sch.uk 
Performing Arts Mrs K.Murton dance@hedingham.essex.sch.uk / drama@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Physical Education Mr D.Sergeant pe@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Politics Mr T.Wadsworth govpol@hedingham.essex.sch.uk 
Religion, Values and Ethics Mrs Z.Tyler philosophy@hedingham.essex.sch.uk 
Social Sciences (Criminology, Psychology, Sociology) Miss E.Halls sociology@hedingham.essex.sch.uk / psychology@hedingham.essex.sch.uk 
Vocational Education Mr D.Batch childdevelopment@hedingham.essex.sch.uk