Criminology (Applied Diploma)

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Criminology is an applied social science, focusing specifically on crime and criminal behaviour including the personal and social aspects of crime and victimisation, and a range of responses to crime and deviance. This starts in year 1 with a focus on the media and public perceptions of crime, before year 2 focuses more directly on the processes of investigation, prosecution and punishment, as well as changing the law regarding specific crimes. While Sociology and Psychology should certainly be regarded as valuable academic subjects in their own right, Criminology reflects the multi-disciplinary approach to tackling real-world themes, questions and ideas that are interesting to young people that the collective efforts of our Learning Area provide.


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Year 12 - Applied Diploma in Criminology:

Year 13 - Applied Diploma in Criminology:


Please find attached below, the Curriculum Maps for both Year 12 and Year 13: