Leadership Programme

At Hedingham we are very proud of our culture and community and a key part of that is the students giving back to the school community, supporting younger students as well as supporting the wider community as a whole.

During year 12 students are given the opportunity to sign up for the schools Leadership Programme. This is aimed at giving students at Hedingham students the opportunity to take part in a respected programme that gives them extra currency for when they leave Hedingham. Students can opt in to as much of the programme as they like. Click on a section below to learn more about each aspect.

Embrace the opportunity to represent your chosen A Level, BTEC, or vocational subjects with enthusiasm and expertise. Your role is pivotal in guiding fellow students through the academic journey, sharing insights, and helping them uncover their academic passions. Whether you excel in the sciences, humanities, or creative arts, being a Student Ambassador means being a mentor, a leader, and a source of support. Join our dynamic community of ambassadors and contribute to the collaborative learning environment that defines our Sixth Form experience.

At Hedingham School, we are deeply committed to the welfare of animals, and our Animal Welfare program exemplifies this dedication. Our Vocational Education Centre (VEC) provides a nurturing environment for small animals, and as a part of this initiative, you will have the chance to make a meaningful impact on their lives. From caring for adorable creatures to learning essential skills in animal husbandry, the Animal Welfare program is a unique opportunity to combine your passion for animals with hands-on education. Together, we strive to promote responsible animal care and create a more compassionate world for our furry friends.

Hedingham School sits at the heart of the community, and our commitment to community engagement is unwavering. Join our Community Projects team and discover the fulfilling path of giving back. As a member of this initiative, you'll have the chance to participate in local projects and initiatives that make a tangible difference. Whether it's volunteering, organising community events, or collaborating with local organisations, you will become an integral part of our efforts to strengthen our ties with the community that surrounds us. At Hedingham Sixth Form, we believe in the power of collective action, and as a Community Projects participant, you will play a vital role in shaping the future of our community.

Engage in lively intellectual discourse as a member of our Debate Society. Here, students gather to deliberate on a wide range of school issues and broader societal topics. Sharpen your persuasive skills, refine your critical thinking, and develop the art of effective arguments. Whether it's dissecting school policies, discussing global challenges, or exploring current events, Debate Society provides a platform for intellectual growth and spirited discussions. Join us in fostering an environment where diverse opinions are valued, and where the art of debate is honed to perfection.

Join our Eco Council and embark on a green journey to create a more sustainable future. At Hedingham Sixth Form, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility, and our Eco Council plays a pivotal role in this mission. As a member, you'll collaborate with like-minded individuals to explore eco-friendly initiatives and solutions. Dive into discussions about climate change, sustainable practices, and how our school can minimise its ecological footprint. By joining the Eco Council, you become a steward of the environment, helping to drive positive change and ensure a greener tomorrow.

Step into the spotlight as an Events Ambassador and take an active role in the organisation and running of special school events. At Hedingham Sixth Form, we pride ourselves on creating memorable moments, and our Events Ambassadors are at the forefront of this mission. Whether it's planning, coordinating, or assisting during events, this role allows you to showcase your organizational prowess and attention to detail. Put yourself forward for special school occasions, be it performances, exhibitions, or celebrations, and ensure that they run seamlessly. Your involvement will leave a lasting impression on our school community and help make each event a resounding success.

Pave your path to leadership by running a campaign for Head Boy, Head Girl, or their respective deputies in our Headship Team. This opportunity is a chance to lead by example and make a lasting impact on our school community. Launch your campaign, engage with fellow students, and demonstrate your vision for the future of Hedingham School. Through a competitive election process, you'll earn the privilege of representing your peers, advocating for their needs, and helping shape our school's direction. Join the Headship Team and discover the transformative power of student leadership.

Delve into the intriguing world of law and gain insights into what studying law might entail in higher education. Our Law Society offers extracurricular activities that allow you to explore the legal field, engage in discussions on legal topics, and discover the foundations of our legal system. Whether you're considering a career in law or simply interested in the complexities of the legal world, the Law Society provides a platform for learning, discussion, and personal growth.

Leadership is a skill that can be honed and refined, and our Leadership Talks and Sessions are here to help you develop into a confident and effective leader. Learn what it takes to lead by example, present information naturally, and take charge with poise and purpose. Dive into topics that explore the essence of leadership, from understanding the qualities of great leaders to developing the skills needed to inspire and motivate others. Whether you aspire to lead in school, your community, or your future career, our Leadership Talks and Sessions will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to thrive as a leader.

As a mentor, you'll work closely with lower school students, helping them navigate their academic journey and achieve their full potential. Your role is vital in fostering academic growth, building confidence, and nurturing a sense of belonging within the school community. Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of younger students and contributing to their academic success.

Embark on a journey of international diplomacy and debate as a member of our Model UN club. This engaging initiative allows you to delve into the intricacies of the United Nations and explore global issues from diverse perspectives. Participate in lively discussions, engage in debates, and learn about the role of the UN in shaping our world. Model UN is your opportunity to broaden your horizons, improve your public speaking skills, and gain a deeper understanding of international affairs.

Be a welcoming face during our Sixth Form and lower school open evenings. Join us in showcasing our school to prospective students and their families. Assist various departments, engage with curious students, and participate in activities that make these events informative and enjoyable. Your involvement will play a key role in creating a positive impression and ensuring that visitors leave with a clear understanding of the exceptional educational experience we offer at Hedingham School.

Make a meaningful impact on younger students by participating in our Paired Reading Programme. This initiative focuses on enhancing reading skills and fostering a love for literature among lower school students. As a mentor, you'll have the opportunity to improve reading ages, boost confidence, and share the joy of reading. Your dedication to this program will contribute to the academic growth and personal development of younger students, leaving a lasting legacy of literacy and learning.


Take center stage during lower school assemblies and present important topics, issues, and information. As a Sixth Form student, you have the opportunity to engage, inspire, and educate your fellow students about current events, world issues, and your own experiences. School Assemblies provide a platform for you to lead, inform, and shape discussions, leaving a positive impact on the entire school community.


Shape the future of our Sixth Form and wider school community by serving on the Sixth Form Council. Join this esteemed group of students who actively contribute ideas and initiatives to enhance the Sixth Form experience for all. Your voice and insights will help shape policies, programs, and activities that create a vibrant and inclusive environment for every Sixth Form student.

Collaborate with the PE department as a Sports Leader and play a pivotal role in mentoring, supporting, and training fellow students in various physical activities. Whether it's assisting with extracurricular trips, clubs, or fixtures, your leadership will inspire teamwork, dedication, and a passion for physical fitness. Join us in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle while building valuable leadership skills.

Make a significant impact in specific subject areas as a Subject Tutor. Collaborate with heads of departments to provide guidance and support to students studying those subjects. Your role involves helping students excel in their studies by offering insights, facilitating discussions, and promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter. While not necessarily one-on-one support, your contributions will be instrumental in enhancing the learning experience for your peers during KS3/KS4 lesson times.