Geography (A Level)

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To encourage students to engage critically with real world issues and places and apply their geographical knowledge, theory and skills to the world around them. We want students to gain both enjoyment and a sense of achievement from A level geography as they build upon the knowledge and understanding which they gained at GCSE. Students will study a wider range of places and locations than at GCSE at a range of scales temporal and spatial scales, from local to global. Geographical processes, both human and physical, will also be studied in greater depth than previously as will models and theories to underpin understanding.

A Level students should be able to analyse the complexity of geographical issues and develop their understanding of the ways in which values and attitudes have an impact on the relationship between people, place and environments. They should also become reflective and critical learners who can articulate their opinions and provide evidenced arguments. Students will develop a range of skills, not least in relation to fieldwork and data collection. They should become confident and competent in developing their own geographical questions and selecting a range of qualitative and quantitative skills with which to investigate these questions in the real world. They should understand the value of fieldwork in generating new knowledge about the world and become skilled at planning, undertaking and evaluating fieldwork as well as at presenting and analysing their data.

Our intention is for students to become independent thinkers who are informed and educated about the world in which they live and who understand the importance of geographical study in achieving this; therefore potentially equipping them to continue their studies at undergraduate level. We want to encourage students to become enthusiastic geographers with a curiosity of, and understanding about the world in which they live.


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Year 12 - A Level Geography:

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