Interactive School Map


Willis Block

The Willis Block is home to a variety of subjects including Humanities (History and Geography), Modern Foreign Language (French and German) and Art.

Science Corridors

The Science corridors on both the Upper and Lower floors provide students the opportunity to learn in specifically designed Science labs for all sorts of wonderful practical demonstrations and experiments.

Admin Block

The Admin Block is home to our System Technicians, Finance Department, Medical Team and Leadership Offices.

3G Astro-Turf Pitches

Our 3G Astro-Turf pitches are a wonderful way to allow students to enjoy a variety of field based sports and activities. They are purpose built for Football, but can be used for a wide-variety of sports.

School Field

Weather permitting, the School Field is used for a variety of sporting activity during PE lessons. It is also a great place for students to burn off some energy during lunch break.

Sports Hall

The Sport Hall is home to a variety of different sporting setups, from Indoor Football to Basketball and Badminton. The Sports Hall also houses our Gymnasium which includes a variety of cardio equipment (Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Cross Trainers etc.) as well as a variety of Free-Weights. The Sports Hall also doubles up as the main room where students will sit their GCSE and A Level examinations.

Main Hall

The Main Hall is where students will sit for their weekly assemblies. It is also the home of the canteen where students can purchase food and drink during break and lunchtime. Students are permitted to socialise and eat their lunches inside the hall during break and lunchtime.


The Reception area is split into two parts, the Student Reception and the Guest/Visitor reception. All guests are required to sign in and receive our safeguarding leaflet prior to their entry to the school. Reception also houses our main admin team who will often be your first point of contact if you try and communicate with the school.

Maths & English Corridors

The Maths Department are located on the upper floor of the main school building corridor, here you will find a variety of Maths classrooms teaching students across all year groups for 7 to 13. The lower floor is occupied by the English Department, again, teaching a wide and varied curriculum to all of our students.

Student Support Centre

The Students Support Centre (or SSC) is the main point of contact for students who may need some support, this may be academic or emotional. The Year Leaders are situated in the SSC Office alongside a team of Pastoral Support Assistants and Managers who work with students to ensure they need any support they might require. The SSC is also the home of the SEN Department who provide specialist support for students with any Special Educational Needs.

T-Level Building

New in 2022 the T-Level Building or "Tech Hub" is the first (of hopefully many) new additions to the school that allow us to deliver the wonderful new T Level qualifications. T Levels offer a different Key Stage 5 experience for students with a clear focus on employability and specialist skills design specifically by the Department for Education alongside employers. The Tech Hub houses 2 state of the art computer rooms with a dedicated breakout room, web conferencing equipment and digital screen technology designed to enhance the student experience.

Computer Science & IT Block

The Computer Science and IT block houses 3 dedicated computer rooms designed for the teaching of Computer Science and IT across the curriculum.

Performing Arts Corridor

The Performing Arts corridor is home to both Music and Drama. Drama occupies our specialist Drama studio space and Music has a dedicated classroom alongside a variety of individual and group performance practice spaces.

Design Technology Block

The Design Technology block is home to a variety of DT based subject areas, this includes Three-Dimensional Design, Graphics, Textiles and Food Preparation and Nutrition. Students are afforded the opportunity to experience all the different aspects of DT before choosing whether to continue into this area at GCSE level study.

Dance Studio

The Dance Studio is situated to the read of the site and houses a specialist space for students to study Dance. The Dance Studio forms part of the Performing Arts department.

Vocational Education Centre

The Vocational Education Centre (or VEC as it is known by students) is a specialist centre that is able to provide students with a different educational offering. Housing a variety of buildings design to develop students skills in a collection of different practical skills the VEC is a place many students enjoy spending their time. It is also home to our school Guinea Pigs, always a favourite with students who study Animal Welfare.

Business Studies Corridor

The Business Studies corridor is home to the Business Studies department. This includes 2 specialist computer rooms designed for students to carry out a variety of different tasks and activities which may be required in the world of business and employment.

Sixth Form

The Sixth Form block houses the Sixth Form Study, Sixth Form Common Room and the Sixth Form Cafeteria. It also provides students access to the bottom floor of the Willis Block where there are a variety of dedicated Sixth Form classes for the study of specialist subjects like Media Studies and Photography.