Religion, Values and Ethics

Curriculum Intent

Our Religion, Values and Ethics curriculum gives students the opportunity to:

  • Understand and reflect on the ideas and religious beliefs of others
  • Appreciate the diversity of the world around them
  • Begin to construct arguments and to learn to defend them respectfully

At Hedingham we place emphasis on creating active citizens who show respect for themselves and others, RVE is central to this as we engage pupils learning in exploring and responding to questions raised by religious and ethical issues to enable them to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to form varied responses to these questions.

Through their lessons, students will gain knowledge about the beliefs and practices of religions and have opportunities to discuss issues which arise from religious belief, and ethical issues from a religious and an atheist perspective. We aim to develop their tolerance towards all people in society, to enable them to be reflective learners, and to develop empathy. We encourage them to achieve this through knowledge and understanding of religious and ethical issues that affect life in 21st century Britain.

Please click on the box below to download a copy of the curriculum maps for Key Stage 3 Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE).