Art & Design (A Level)

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Curriculum Intent

Drawing is at the heart of the A-Level Fine Art course, and students investigate and experiment with different Fine Art techniques and medias to extend their skills, develop their own visual language and independence. Through the study of artists’ work, students build a deeper knowledge of Fine Art processes which support the development of their own ideas and personal outcomes through experimentation, refinement, and analytical reflection.

The curriculum is sequenced around building the core skills to achieve success at A-Level, with emphasis on the OCR assessment objectives and criteria. Each unit studied therefore encompasses contextual artist investigation and analysis; an exploration of medias, processes, and the development of ideas through refinement; the recording of ideas through drawing and written reflection; and final personal responses, realising the intentions of individual investigation. This culminates in Year 13 with self-directed lines of inquiry in the forms of the Personal Investigation & Related Study coursework and an Externally Set Task.


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Year 12 - A Level Art & Design (Fine Art):

Year 13 - A Level Art & Design (Fine Art):


Please find attached below, the Curriculum Maps for both Year 12 and Year 13: