Business Studies (A Level)

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The Business Studies curriculum at A Level is a pivotal conduit connecting students' education with the intricacies of the real world. This comprehensive program is meticulously designed to endow students with vital knowledge and skills necessary for understanding the nuances of organizational operations, thus furnishing them with a competitive edge in their future career endeavors. This is adeptly achieved through a context-driven curriculum that delves into the realms of local, national, and international businesses, seamlessly integrating real-life business experiences. The curriculum not only focuses on developing robust analytical and evaluative skills that are instrumental across various academic disciplines but also imparts practical knowledge, such as the ramifications of interest rates on consumers and the broader economy.

The essence of this curriculum lies in its ability to anchor theoretical knowledge within the subject and extend its relevance to real-world scenarios. This approach cultivates a suite of skills encompassing problem-solving, effective communication, and leadership. Students are encouraged to apply business concepts practically, gaining pertinent insights into the business and economic spheres. The curriculum structure enables learners to grasp foundational business concepts including marketing, finance, operations, and human resources, linking these to tangible examples from real-life businesses and professionals. By incorporating current events and case studies, the curriculum ensures that students are adept at addressing contemporary business challenges, thus maintaining the dynamic and relevant nature of the subject. Moreover, the integration of knowledge from other subjects positions Business Studies as a gateway subject, bridging education with the practical world of work, while fostering creativity, leadership, and teamwork through diverse methodologies like case studies and group work.


In the space underneath, you will find specific information related to this subject. As Key Stage 5 specifications change, it is possible that the course being offered to Year 12 is different to that being studied in Year 13.

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Year 12 - A Level Business Studies:

Year 13 - A Level Business Studies:


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