At Hedingham School we have grown a culture where the evaluation of students’ work and the feedback they receive (in its many different forms) informs students how to improve their work and make progress.

Assessments also provide teachers with accurate information of the understanding of each child.

Assessment within the Curriculum

Subject area curriculum structures dictate when and how to assess individuals. It is our subjects curriculum that dictates our assessment calendar rather than the other way around. We try to ensure that students do not become overly focused on their absolute attainment, rather engage closely with precise feedback provided by Teachers.

Students do sit summative assessments at various stages. As a general pattern, students in Years 7-9 sit end of year examinations that are more formal in nature. Years 11, 12 and 13 have “Mock” examinations at specific calendared stages of the academic year. We hope that this structure encourages students to develop independent revision skills and prepares them for the demands and rigours of external assessment at GCSE and beyond.

Student Tracking

At Hedingham School, we recognise that learning and progress is not completely linear. We track progress in a way that reflects this.

Teaching staff will use assessments to align progress on a flight path to more likely GCSE outcome. This can be compared to targeted flight paths that are generated from aspirational individualized targets that reflect the top 25% of achieving schools nationally.