Behaviour for Learning

At Hedingham School we record information about positive and negative behaviour incidents which occur during the course of the school day/lessons. Positive incidents result in "House Points" being awarded which accrue over the course of the academic year and lead to various outcomes. Negative behaviour incidents result in "Behaviour Points" being given to a student, these then lead to certain sanctions based on the result of the incident.


House Points:

When a student reaches a certain house point target they will be awarded the below "House Point Awards". Beyond this, activities are organised in year groups and house groups to celebrate student achievement inside and outside of the classroom.

Blue Award - 25 house points

Bronze Award - 50 house points

Silver Award - 75 house points

Gold Award - 100 house points

Platinum Award - 150 house points

Diamond Award - 200 house points


Behaviour Points:

Within the school, our Behaviour/Sanction System uses the term “consequence”. This language gives students a clear indication as to what level of consequence there will likely be for specific types of behaviour that negatively impact on their learning or that of others in the school.

There are essentially 3 levels of consequence (or warning) C1, C2 or a C3.

   Types of Behaviours: Likely Sanctions: 
C1 • Low level disruption
• Lateness to lesson
• Inadequate effort
• Use of mobile phone/ear phones
• Isolated Homework missed
• Conversation with teacher in classroom or outside the door.
• Request to comply with expectations.
C2 • Persistent low-level disruption
• Inappropriate language
• Repeated failure to follow instructions.
• Missed 1st detention
• Persistent use of mobile phone/ear phones
• Lack of sports kit (PE/dance)
• Departmental lunchtime detention
C3 • Inappropriate/dangerous behaviour
• Extremely disruptive behaviour
• Removal from Lesson
• Follow up by Subject Leader/Head of Year
Pastoral • Incidents outside of lesson time
• Repeated uniform infringements
• Lack of equipment
• Addressed on an individual level depending on context


First Week Assembly for Years 7-11 - 5th September