Media Studies

Curriculum Intent

Media products and platforms dominate our daily lives, and so it is important to understand how they are constructed, and the influence they can have over us.

We explore traditional media platforms such as print, moving image and audio, in order to understand where the media began and how these industries have had to adapt to technological developments, as well as exploring the new media products that have emerged in the digital era.

In lessons, students are encouraged to think independently and also consider how different media products may appeal to different people, dependent on factors such as age, gender, ethnicity and income. We analyse stereotypical viewpoints and aim to understand why dominant ideologies are the way they are. Throughout the course, students will develop the ability to be self-reflexive, understanding their own thoughts and judgements, and provide reasonings for these views.

The subject incorporates a mix of both written and practical elements, with the opportunity to make creative coursework pieces. Students will learn to effectively plan, produce and evaluate their own products. We have a range of equipment such as DSLR cameras & professional lights, as well as access to the industry standard Adobe software suite for digital manipulation, to ensure that the work produced is of the highest standard.
Studying Media will equip students with the communication and technology skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace, whether in the media industry or not.

Some examples of career paths former Hedingham Media students have pursued:

  • TV & Film Production
  • Journalism
  • Sports Journalism
  • Video Games Production
  • Web Design
  • Teaching
  • Marketing
  • Product Photography
  • E-Sports
  • Social Media Management