Media Studies (A Level)

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The A Level Media Studies course at our Sixth Form is designed to immerse students in the multifaceted world of media, fostering a deep understanding of how media products influence and shape our society. The course structure encourages students to explore various media platforms like music videos, video games, newspapers, television, radio, and film marketing, with an emphasis on practical application and theoretical knowledge. Students will delve into media language, representation, and the intricate relationship between industries and audiences. The curriculum includes creating their own media products, such as music videos or magazines, using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe InDesign, blending creativity with technical skills. With 70% exam and 30% coursework assessment, the course equips students with analytical skills, creativity, confidence, and the ability to construct well-founded arguments. By engaging in this comprehensive study, students prepare for a range of career paths in the creative industries, such as Film & TV, marketing, social media, and video game development, while acquiring valuable transferable skills applicable in any professional endeavor.


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Year 12 - A Level Media Studies:

Year 13 - A Level Media Studies:


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