Year 10 'Kickstart to Enterprise' Events

During Year 10 students experience the whole job seeking process from start to finish during ‘Kickstart to Enterprise’. The event kicks off with a CV and letter of application writing morning, where students are taught the skills necessary to write an application for a fictitious job of their choice. We make use of an online learning platform called Kudos which provides students with a wealth of labour market information as well as useful features such as a CV builder which helps them with structure and format of their CV. Students then experienced an 'Industry Day' where they spend a day working for their chosen company. As with all of the events, we are keen to get as many outside people/companies to work with our students as possible. Who better to engage our students with a career or profession than a person who is actually doing the job for real! The students got to interact with staff from NHS Ipswich Hospital, and a small catering company called Splinters during the day as well as our own 'in-house companies'. Finally, every student in Year 10 will have an interview with someone from a local business to allow them to experience what it is like to go through the interview process. It is hoped that this will better prepare our students whenever they have an interview next whether it is Sixth form or College or a part-time job or apprenticeship. We benefit from huge support in the local community where business leaders from Sible Hedingham and surrounding area take the role of interviewer, as well as Braintree Rotarians and our own Governor, Mr Martin Lee, help guide our students through what is for most a daunting and stressful experience.