English Literature (A Level)

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Through the study of A Level English literature we empower students to become critical and creative thinkers. The course encourages students to develop their passion for English literature not just through set texts but by encouraging them to pursue their own independent research, thus creating well informed readers who possess a deepening knowledge of our literary heritage.

The study of literature is the study of human experience and a window into the past. This course takes a historicist approach, allowing students to delve into the ways in which a text is a product of its time. Students learn to draw upon context in order to understand how an author’s life influences their literary works and how universal emotions are presented across centuries and genres.

Students experience a rich, challenging, and coherent approach to English literature that provides an excellent basis for further study in the subject. Suited to those with a passion for reading, English literature is a subject that encourages the sharing of opinions and evolution of ideas. It challenges students to be curious and to seek out patterns, identify developments over time and draw upon a wealth of literary history, theory and criticism in order to arrive at well-informed interpretations that ultimately explore the human condition.


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