Sports Fixtures

At Hedingham School we have a wide variety of sports fixtures which take place across the academic year.

At county level we participate in Rugby, Football,  Basketball, Athletics and Cricket (tournaments and league fixtures) in all age groups for both boys and girls. 

We also compete district competitions and again our local schools in all of the above sports, plus Futsal, Table-Tennis, Netball, Handball, Indoor Athletics, X-Country and Rounders. 

Term 1

In Term 1 we compete in county Football, Basketball, Indoor Cricket and Rugby Tournaments . 

Term 2

In Term 2 we compete in the Junior NBA Basketball League as well as District Football, Futsal, Netball, Table-Tennis, Handball, and county and district Rugby and Basketball. 

Term 3

In Term 3 we compete in Rounders, Cricket and Athletics.

All of our sports teams have a designated practice session either at lunch time, after-school or both. All fixtures are midweek and normally after-school. For some county competitions we will have to leave school early, or if it is a tournament, students will be out of school for some or all of the day.