Digital Business Services (T Level)

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The intent behind the Digital Business Services course is to give students a deep dive into how digital systems are used in businesses to stay ahead in technology. In this T-Level program, students will pick up a range of business and technical skills that will set them up for further study or work in Business or IT fields. They'll learn about data analysis, which is really important for solving different kinds of problems in all sorts of businesses.

The course is a mix of classroom learning and hands-on activities, but what makes it stand out is the 315 hours of work experience in the industry. This is where students get to learn practical skills and see how things are done in the real world.

The course has been put together with input from employers and businesses, so it's not just academic; it's also about what you need to know to work in the industry. By taking this course, students will be ready for skilled jobs, apprenticeships, or higher education, like going to university.


In the space underneath, you will find specific information related to this subject. As Key Stage 5 specifications change, it is possible that the course being offered to Year 12 is different to that being studied in Year 13.

With that in mind, please find attached below, links to the respective courses being offered to current Year 12 and Year 13 students.

Year 12 - T Level Digital Business Services:

Year 13 - T Level Digital Business Services:

CURRICULUM MAPS and Information Booklet

Please find attached below, the Curriculum Maps for both Year 12 and Year 13 and a copy of the course information booklet specifically for T Level Digital Business Services:


The below video from NCFE (the awarding organisation for T-Levels) provides an excellent explanation of the Digital Business Services T-Level: