We believe that uniform is important. It helps students to feel part of a community, and makes the point that there is no discrimination between students in school. It sets a standard which supports our expectations of work and behaviour. We find it helps maintain the right discipline for learning. We are therefore grateful for your support in insisting on high standards of dress.

All students wear a school blazer. Boys wear a white shirt, a school tie and tailored black trousers.

Girls wear a white shirt (not fitted), a school tie and black trousers or a black skirt. Trousers and skirts must have a waistband to allow shirts to be tucked in properly. Skirts should be straight or box pleated. They should be knee length. Recently a number of girls have worn short skirts made of a clingy jersey fabric to school. This is obviously not acceptable. We are explaining to all the girls which style of skirt is appropriate for school and where these can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Frank Smith outfitters in Halstead stock two skirts which meet our uniform regulations. One is straight and one has narrow box pleats. Both have waistbands to allow a shirt to be tucked in and both are made of a non-stretchy fabric. If parents are unable to get to Halstead, a suitable alternative skirt with wide box pleats can be purchased in-store or on-line from Marks and Spencer.

Examples of the Frank Smith skirts and the Marks and Spencer skirt can be viewed in the school foyer.

In addition a school jumper can be worn under the blazer. Only school jumpers are acceptable, please do not purchase cardigans.

All students are required to wear black shoes, not trainers nor plimsoll style footwear. All students are expected to wear their House badges.

Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable.

Students should not wear:

  • Fashionable alternatives to any item of regulation school uniform
  • White ‘polo’ shirts instead of a white shirt
  • Trainers or boots
  • Any jewellery, except for one small plain gold or silver stud allowed in each ear lobe
  • Coloured T-shirts under shirts
  • Make-up, nail varnish and nail extensions
  • Coats within the school building
  • Hats and hoodies (these should not be brought into school)


For PE, all students are expected to have:

  • Royal blue polo shirt
  • royal blue shorts
  • royal blue football socks
  • short white sport socks
  • trainers
  • rugby shirt (reversible) royal/yellow with school badge
  • football boots
  • indoor (non-marking) trainers.

GCSE PE and Dance students will be informed of optional items which can be purchased.

Students are also expected to wear shin pads for football and a gum shield for rugby for health and safety reasons.

All items, which conform to the Hedingham standard, are available from:
Frank Smith & Sons, 59-61 High Street, Halstead, Essex. Tel: 01787 472079

We expect all members of staff to ensure students wear the correct uniform properly and to challenge students who do not follow school uniform regulations. Please be aware of the regulations if you are buying items of uniform. We look forward to your support so that we continue to enjoy our reputation as a school with high standards in all aspects of school life.