Welcome From Headteacher

We are proud of our school’s reputation in our local, and wider, community. We provide a high quality, comprehensive educational experience for all of our students and ensure that each individual’s academic potential is fulfilled. We value their individuality and the contribution they make to the community. Our students are an asset and are at the heart of everything that we do.

Hedingham is a very caring, supportive and ordered environment that allows us to have high expectations of achievement and excellence. Our students are encouraged to work hard, study independently and to take pride in their achievements and the values of their school.

We aim to broaden the horizons of our students and to personalise their learning. We are committed to utilising the latest technologies and learning and teaching strategies so that our students are skilled and confident citizens prepared for the opportunities and challenge of an increasingly complex world.

John Panayi

What a mouthful!! - 3 April 2014

Everyone loves a Malteser chocolate but Hedingham School Sixth Former, Joe Nourse, took this notion a bit further. He decided that an innovative way to raise money for Sport Relief would be to see how many Maltesers he could fit into his mouth at once! Joe set about publicising the challenge he had set himself and encouraged friends and fellow students to pay a £1 to guess the number of Maltesers he would be able to manage.

On the day of Sport Relief, Joe who is 17 years old and lives in Halstead, sat in the school foyer surrounded by other students to cheer him on. With a First Aider on hand in case he choked and needed a timely Heimlich Manoeuvre, Joe started popping Maltesers in his mouth one by one. The students watched in amazement as Joe’s mouth started to resemble a hamster’s preparing for winter – his cheeks bulged as he resorted to squeezing each Malteser into tiny gaps around his teeth. Head boy and fellow Sixth Former, Nathan Hope counted out loud as Joe carried on and Nathan held a small bucket under Joe’s chin just in case………

Science is Fun! - 1 April 2014

Last week was National Science Week and to spread the word of the wonders of the scientific world, staff and Sixth Form students from Hedingham School were invited to work at St John the Baptist Primary School in Pebmarsh for the day. One of the Sixth Formers involved, 16 year old Kyle Coldwell attended Pebmarsh Primary School when he was younger and he commented, ‘It was excellent returning to my primary school and seeing some familiar faces. All the children were very enthusiastic about science which was really good.’

The youngest pupils at the primary school had a fascinating morning using pooters to investigate the life in leaf litter and some got very friendly with the snails they discovered! They also made ‘indicator fish’ which they painted with household acids and alkalis to help them to understand chemicals in the home. Just before lunch the 5 year olds had the chance to get their hands in frog spawn to feel what it was like and look at newts and frogs. Sixth Former Charlie Rivers who is 17 and lives in Halstead said, ’ I really enjoyed looking at the frogs and newts and so did the young children – we all especially enjoyed feeling the sliminess of the frog spawn!’ As Charlie hopes to be a primary school teacher in the future, this experience will stand him in good stead!

Admissions 2014 and Applying for a School Place Now

We still have a number of student places in our current Year 7 and Year 8

For all admission queries please contact Mr D Margery Admissions Officer or Mrs H Carter Bursar on 01787 460470 or email CarterH@hedingham.essex.sch.uk