Catch-up Programme


Teachers across the school are adapting their teaching strategies to align with new in-school safety measures whilst also driving student learning and progress. Through strategies such as the use of modelling, newly designed resources, careful consideration of seating plans and dialogue between teachers and students, engaging lessons are being taught across the classrooms at Hedingham School.

Teachers are using a range of subtle assessment tools to establish where students require consolidation of topics covered during lockdown. Hedingham School recognises the impact of missed face to face schooling during lockdown. We were proud of the efforts of our students during lockdown and believe strongly that any gaps that emerge can be addressed effectively over time.

A phased approach recovery programme has been designed to support students throughout this academic year. Most importantly, Departments have adjusted Curriculum Maps to ensure historic content is revisited and consolidated. Ensuring that there is a flexibility in the subject planning of the curriculum will ensure that content covered during lockdown will be dovetailed into planned Curriculum Maps.

Secondly, the phased approach allows for specific year group requirements to be identified, allowing appropriate strategies to be implemented. Therefore, a structured programme which addresses year group priorities has been designed through the phased approach.

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