We have a comprehensive programme of enrichment opportunities at Hedingham School. These opportunities are designed to broaden student horizons, present them with avenues that stretch their thinking and teach them more about the world.

We strongly believe that being part of a school community involves more than just attending their timetabled lessons. As such, we encourage students to be involved in at least one aspect of school life beyond their timetable.

Some examples of opportunities are detailed below:

• School Council
• School Librarian
• Peer Mentor
• Sports Clubs
• Science Clubs
• School Performances
• Musical Opportunities
• Public Speaking
• Sports Teams
• Robotics Clubs
• Cyber Discovery
• Charity/Fund Raising
• FIFA Friday
• Sports Coaching
• Programming

We also have a significant number of academic support opportunities which are subject specific and directed primarily towards our examination year groups.

We hope that through enrichment involvement, students deepen a love for learning, develop curiosity and love spending time at school. For many, involvement in lunchtime and after school enrichment, supports their emotional needs, helps them make friends and focus on their future.

It is rewarding to observe students try things that they may never have come across before.

There is an element of competition between Houses which links to some of our clubs which promotes healthy competition and teamwork.


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