Core Maths

The Core Maths course follows a two-year specification. Core Maths has been designed to maintain and develop real-life maths skills. What you study is not purely theoretical or abstract; it can be applied on a day-to-day basis in work, study or life. The course focuses primarily on statistics and finance and their real- life application.

The course is a Level 3 course that is the equivalent of an AS qualification (carrying the same number of UCAS tariff points).

Unit 1 Compulsory Component: This unit includes topics such as, data collection, percentages and financial problems, along with the revision of various GCSE topics.

Unit 2: Optional Component: This unit will be decided upon by the class teacher based on the students’ strengths and areas of interest. Choices will be between Statistical techniques, Critical Path and Risk Analysis and Graphical Techniques.

Assessment: Students will be assessed by two 1 ½ hour exams at the end of the two-year course. Each exam is worth 50% of students’ overall grade.
Exam 2: Optional Component

Exam 1: Compulsory Component

Exam 2: Optional Component

Entry Requirements: Students must have achieved a minimum of Grade 4 at GCSE Mathematics.

The skills developed in the study of Mathematics are increasingly important in the workplace and in higher education. Studying Core Maths will help you keep up these essential skills. In addition, with increasing Mathematical demands of numerous A Level courses, skills developed through this course should help students’ access content explored in other subject areas, for example Science, Design and Technology, Business Studies, Psychology and Geography.

For more information, see Mrs Woodley, Leader of Mathematics, or any member of the Mathematics Department.

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