Social Sciences

Subject Intent

The Social Sciences are fundamental to developing an appreciation of the world around us, encourage students to develop their own perspectives on who we are as individuals and groups, and improve our collective understanding of how we make decisions and interact with others.

We currently run three subjects in the Sixth Form:

  • Sociology is the study of human society, exploring its impact on group and individual behaviour, social relationships and interactions, and the cultures and identities associated with everyday life.
  • Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, questioning how the brain dictates and influences our behaviour through conscious and unconscious processes such as communication, memory, thought and emotion.
  • Criminology is an applied social science, focusing specifically on crime and criminal behaviour including the personal and social aspects of crime and victimisation, and a range of responses to crime and deviance.

Sociology, Psychology and Criminology should be regarded as valuable academic subjects in their own right, while recognising the multi-disciplinary approach to tackling real-world themes, questions and ideas pertinent to young people that the collective efforts of our Learning Area provides.

The Social Sciences Learning Area at Hedingham School has a clear intent to:

  • Achieve positive academic outcomes as measured through examination results and future destinations. A logically sequenced, well-resourced and highly ambitious curriculum supports students to access the Social Sciences, fulfil their academic potential and manage the transition from KS4 to KS5.
  • Root our curriculum in real-life experiences that are relevant and relatable to our learners. Social Science students are equipped to understand, explain and question the world around them, and are taught to write fluently, consider evidence from different perspectives and draw thoughtful, meaningful conclusions.
  • Lead the Sixth Form in our responsibility to prepare young people to become active citizens and engaged participants in society. Regular opportunities are provided for students to broaden their horizons, critique information and develop their wider subject knowledge through reading, listening to and watching content relating to our subjects.

Please click below to download an overview of all of the Social Sciences Curriculum Maps.

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