Sixth Form Curriculum Overview

The Sixth Form curriculum is underpinned by the school values. The wider Sixth Form curriculum reinforces these values by ensuring that they permeate through each subject area's curriculum.

At Hedingham Sixth Form, every student has the opportunity to study a wide variety of courses (eg A Levels, BTEC's, Cambridge Technicals, T-Levels) across numerous different subject areas. Our curriculum is designed to maximise personal choice; enabling students to follow a personalised blend of courses that best suits their needs and intentions moving forward. We carefully support students with their academic progress but also provide individualised guidance regarding exit routes and plans beyond Hedingham School.

Within many subject areas we offer both a traditional A Level and a more vocational BTEC or CTEC this allows for students to choose the pathway that best suits them and their needs. For example, within the Media Department, students can opt between A Level Media and a CTEC in Digital media.

In Year 12, students at Hedingham are encouraged to take an enrichment course alongside their other courses. This aspect of our curriculum is a commitment to student personal development. We particularly focus on leadership qualities by encouraging students to commit to roles such as Subject Ambassadors, Peer Mentors etc. Skills and qualities gained through an investment in the wider Sixth Form curriculum. Enrichment courses offer our students greater currency when applying for universities or higher apprenticeships and can give students extra UCAS points. A number of these enrichment subjects can also be taken as full 2-year courses.

Alongside our Level 3 programme, we also offer a one-year Level 2 programme that gives students the opportunity to gain practical qualifications that help them progress onto Further Education colleges or apprenticeships at the end of Year 12.

We also offer students that did not achieve grade 4s in English and Maths the opportunity to resit. Through discussion, students who did not achieve a grade 4 in either English or Maths are still able to take a Level 3 programme alongside their retake.

Students can follow a variety of programmes at Hedingham:

• 3 A levels + enrichment
• 3 Vocational courses + enrichment
• A blended programme of A Levels and Vocational courses with an enrichment

Success at Key Stage 5 does not just include the work students do in the classroom. Our curriculum structure provides students with the opportunity to be self-regulated and independent. Each subject on their timetable is given 9 hours of study, plus individual study times where tasks and activities should be completed independently using the sixth form study facilities. All independent work is set by teachers on Teams and forms an integral part of the student’s wider curriculum. Students at Hedingham have three dedicated study areas and are also welcome to study within learning areas.

Teachers encourage students to undertake wider reading around topics. This both broadens their understanding of their subjects whilst also encouraging their love of learning.

The curriculum in Sixth Form is not limited to the classroom and is enhanced by other aspects of college life:

• Personal Development Programme
• Outside speakers
• Enterprise Challenge
• Next Steps advice
• One to one mentoring and target setting
• Sixth Form Leadership Programme
• Trips and Visits


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