16-19 Tuition Fund

16 to 19 Tuition Fund

The school will receive a grant of £3,495 to support students in the Sixth Form.

The students supported all need to be those who had not achieved grade 4 or above in at least one of those subjects at this level by age 16.

Funding will be used to support the students on the Level 2 Programme through the following ways:

• Extra tuition
o Paid for tutoring for students
o Revision classes

• Online resources to support students learning
o Seneca - English
o Maths Watch
o Microsoft teams
o Method Maths
o Pixl Maths
o Pixl English

• Teams development
o Staff training on how to get the best out of Microsoft Teams to support the students
o Sessions with students on how to best use Teams
o Live Team’s lessons with students during lockdown
o Assignments set on teams

• Resources and equipment that students can use at home to support their learning
o Subject specific equipment for lessons – calculators, pens, books
o Laptop access if required to support remote learning

• Organisational support
o Support from staff on how to get organised for work
o Equipment to help them get organised and stay organised
o Planners
o Highlighters
o Folders

• Enrichment
Fortnightly sessions on:
o Motivation
o Organisation
o Mental health and wellbeing
o Revision
o Careers, apprenticeships and University
o Student finance and budgeting
o Weekly quiz

• Support with next steps
o Meetings with Sixth Form staff to help them find college place, university, careers
o Support with writing CVS and covering letters for jobs
o Support with UCAS form
o Virtual apprenticeship week
o Virtual Open Days for university
o Career opportunities posted to specific team’s pages for student to access

• Safeguarding support
o Trained safeguarding leads within the Sixth Form
o Meetings with form tutor during lockdown for support
o Meeting with safeguarding leads during lockdown
• TA support in lessons for those students with SEN needs
o One to one support for particular students in lessons

These resources will help to make a difference in the students getting the currency they need to move on to apprenticeships, careers or a full Level 3 programme.

Mr R Hyde
Leader of Sixth Form

1 February 2021


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