Summer School 2021



Our Summer School dates were from Friday 23 July and then Monday 26 July – Thursday 29 July 2021. All days were full days starting at 8.45 and continuing through to the end of a normal school day. Two days were extended days to allow for off-site visits.

Our view as a school was that the key areas of impact that a summer school offered were to extend enrichment opportunities, give access to enjoyable learning activities as well as provide an opportunity to offer children time to interact with our staff and their peers. We hoped that this would act as a powerful transition tool as part of the induction into Hedingham School as well as sharpen student enthusiasm towards joining us in September.

We structured and ran a blend of in-school workshops that included hands-on practical learning (Sports, The Arts, Science labs etc.) interspersed with external day visits to Activity Centres that focussed on wellbeing and collaborative working (potentially Essex Outdoors and The Nuclear Bunkers).

The programme was offered to the full cohort of Year 6 students starting in September 2021 and we were thrilled by the numbers that accepted the offer and had the opportunity to benefit from the initiative. We welcomed 146 students to the Summer School.

We did request that students who did wish to engage, fully commit to the 5 day offer and the majority of students were able to do so.

Financial Overview

The school was allocated £43,581 funding to support Summer School.

These resources were used as follows:

Staffing £24,053.73
Entrance Fees for Visits £11,410.14
Transport for Visits  £3,960.00
In school Activities by External Providers £2,049.00
Pupil Summer School T Shirts £1,723.50
Other Resources and Catering £384.63
Total Costs £43,581.00

Full Summer School Programme 23rd - 29th July 2001

Friday 23rd July 

Summer School Friday 23rd July2

Monday 26th July

Trip to Essex Outdoors Activity Centre - Mersea

The aim of this day was to provide students with an enjoyable experience where they acquired a variety of “learning skills” including:

- Communication
- Teamwork
- Problem Solving
- Managing Risk
- Confidence
- Concentration
- Commitment

Students were split across groups throughout the day, where they undertook activities as below:

Adventure Course  The purpose built obstacle courses promote participation, communication and team building, testing the ability to work with friends in a safe but challenging environment. Children will navigate rope swings, tyre squeezes, tunnels, rope bridges, vertical walls, cargo nets, and the legendary ‘pit’ at the Mersea centre – prepare to get mucky!
 Climbing The climbing walls provide a huge variety of routes to challenge novices and advanced climbers alike. During the instructed sessions, children will learn to use climbing equipment safely, belay their team mates and even tie specialist climbing knots
 Kit Karts Kit karts are the perfect mix of a team building exercise coupled with the excitement of riding their creation down one of the hills. Groups will work in two teams to build soapbox style go-carts from the kit of parts and instructions supplied by the Instructor. Once the challenge is completed, group members will take it in turns to ride the karts down 3 slopes of varying inclines.
 High Ropes The centres high ropes courses offers a variety of challenging and exciting elements designed to push children’s comfort zone to see what they can really achieve. Walk the catwalk, take on the Leap of Faith or work alongside their friends to get to the top of the Jacobs Ladder or All Aboard!
Off Road Biking  The off road biking at Mersea can cater for all abilities, presenting plenty of challenges, from obstacle courses to build skills through to gentle woodland trails and more technical routes. Instructors will lead children through terrain appropriate to their skill level and offer advice and guidance to ensure they have a great ride.

Tuesday 27th July

Summer School Tuesday 27th July

Wednesday 28th July

Trip to Nuclear Races Wild Forest Obstacle Activity Centre

The aim of this day was to provide students with an enjoyable experience where they acquired a variety of “learning skills” including:

- Resilience
- Team-work
- Mental attitude and confidence
- Making new friends
- Appreciation of exercise and fitness

Students were split across 3 groups throughout the day, where they will be undertook one of three activities, as below:

Secret Nuclear Bunker: In this session, students will be visiting the “biggest and deepest cold war bunker” that is open to the public in the Southeast of England! They will be taken on a tour, experiencing the “three lives” of the bunker throughout the development of the area and the historical impact that it has had on the local area, including how it could have been used during a nuclear disaster. Please see for more information
Wild Forest: Students will be attempting a large selection of technically challenging and fun obstacles to learn and refine their “Obstacle Course Racing” skills on. There are a variety of obstacles that students will be attempting, all of which will be tailored to the student’s needs, including the “Bouldering Wall”, “Spinning Monkeys” and “Ninja Rings”. Please see for more information
High Ropes: The biggest high ropes course in Essex! Students will partake in a fun outdoor adventure on the High Ropes course, where they will be able to attempt over 70 different aerial obstacles across three levels, including a 40m zipwire! All students will undergo a tutorial at the beginning of event on the “floor level” to understand the safety procedures of this activity

Thursday 29th July

Summer School Thursday 28th July


Zoo Lab External agency delivering a session to improve student understanding of complex biological, social and/or engineering concept through hands-on animal encounters to provide fun and engaging learning experiences.
Art School Based on the artist Grayson Perry, you will take part in a series of workshops to work together to create an overall collage based on Hedingham School.
Scavenger Hunt/Team Building Challenge yourself, challenge your teamwork and try to complete your team tasks in order to get the next clue in your scavenger hunt.
Sport Activities Try Something new, work as a team and discover an array of new and exciting sports.
Creative Writing/Photography Imagine a world where writing meets photography in an exciting adventure where we produce our own school newspaper. You will have an opportunity to interview excited and disgruntled locals about their opinions about their opinions on the upcoming developments. I hope we have some keen photographers to help with the visual aspects of the piece. We will all need to work together as a news-team!
History Session In today's society we almost take healthcare for granted, but where did it start? Year 7 explores the History of Medicine from the Ancient Egyptians to the present day passing through the Dark Ages, Renaissance, Industrial Period and the 20th Century. Along the way we will look at diseases and what caused them, treatments, and key individuals. At Summer School we will look at how two different worlds, Medicine and Art, come together to give us answers.

Science Workshop

Within these sessions students will participate in a variety of “Computing Around the World” activities to prepare for them for Computer Science & ICT at Hedingham School. They will be completing a variety of challenges including:
• What is a Computer “Programmer”?
• The Mobile World
• The History of Gaming
Music Workshop Students will take part in fun games to help engage their learning in music; spend time developing instrumental skills on instruments; and develop their listening skills but starting to understand how music can be analysed
Code Breaking Using a series of different games you will work together in teams to complete a series of code breaking challenges!
Enterprise Challenge This session will allow students to be enterprising and set up their own small business. Students will create their own merchandise including T shirts and Pizza boxes. Students will take charge of Luigi Pizza Parlour creating new logos, and budgets for this small enterprise. This session will incorporate numeracy, literacy and creative skills.
Escape Room Trapped in a room, racing against the clock, you will be given clues and codes to crack in your teams. You will need to work with your teammates, keep cool under pressure and use a variety of your best problem-solving skills to escape.... Will you make it out ?
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