Year 9 Guided Choice

Guided Choices - 2022

[Please note - the guided choice process for current Year 9 students has now concluded]

The guided choice process for current Year 9 students began on Monday 21st February with a guided choice assembly which explained the process and deadlines to them. This was followed up with a Guided Choice Evening also on Monday 21st February to explain the process to parents and guardians.

A video recording of this event can be viewed below:


Guided Choice Process:

  • Week Beginning Monday 7th February - Year 9 Reports to Parents/Guardians
  • Monday 21st February - Guided Choice Student Assembly
  • Monday 21st February - Guided Choice Parents Information Evening (video attached above)
  • Tuesday 22nd February - Student Access to Guided Choice Team
  • Wednesday 2nd March - Year 9 Parents' Evening (and Subject Q&A's for Business, Media and Child Development)
    • (Link to Year 9 Parents' Evening Page: Click Here)
  • Monday 7th March - Guided Choice Selection Form Opens
    • (Link to Selection Form: Click Here) - Please note, this requires students to sign in with their school account to complete.
  • Friday 25th March - Guided Choice Selection Form Closes

Subject Q&A Sessions:

During Year 9 Parents' Evening Business Studies, Child Development and Media Studies all conducted a subject Q&A session for Parents and Students. This provided a direct communication opportunity for Parents in an area which students do not study at Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8 and 9). For a video recording of each of the subject Q&A sessions, please click on the links below:

Business Studies - Mr Illingworth

Link: Business Studies - Subject Q&A

Child Development - Mrs Reed

Link: Child Development - Subject Q&A

Media Studies - Mr Hyde

Link: Media Studies - Subject Q&A

Guided Choice Resources:

Students have access to a wide variety of information about the guided choice process. This includes access to a Microsoft Team which has been set up for subject areas to share information with students. Inside this Team there is a collection of resources including Video Presentations (including information about what the course entail, the assessments structure etc.), Examples of student work, information about the ways in which students complete work within specific subjects and a variety of subject specific information. This Team is called "Year 9 - Guided Choice (2022") and looks like the below:


Students also have access to the Guided Choice - Options Booklet which is shown below.

Guided Choice Attachments:

Please click on the document below to download a copy of the Guided Choice - Options Booklet for students studying Key Stage 4 courses between September 2022 and July 2024.

You will also find a guide on how to complete Parents' Evening appointments using our School Cloud booking system and the Guided Choice letter which was sent out to all parents/guardians at the end of January 2022.

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