Vocational Education

Vocational qualifications refer to work-related qualifications. Vocational courses offer a way of learning that is different to the traditional GCSEs and A Levels, but still allow you to achieve a grade that is an equivalent to these traditional qualifications. Vocational courses are more practical, allowing students to learn and experience real life situations they will encounter in their future careers. Students must learn to apply their theoretical knowledge to tasks set in order to complete assignments throughout the course. Vocational courses have held onto their ‘coursework’ elements where many qualifications have not. This means that students, who find examinations more challenging, can often achieve higher in Vocational courses where they are assessed throughout the course on what they demonstrate rather than what they can remember for an exam.

Vocational courses are offered at different levels at Hedingham School, from Level 1 (skills based courses) through to Level 3 (A Level).  Currently we offer Vocational courses in Sport, Health and Social Care, Performing Arts (Music and Dance), ICT, Multi-Trade (Construction) and Workskills.

If you would like to learn more about the Vocational provision at Hedingham School then please contact Mr D Batch.

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