The BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance) allows students to develop both their theoretical and practical knowledge of dance through vocational contexts. Students will develop key skills such as:

  • Reproducing repertoire from professional dance works
  • Responding to a stimulus
  • Exploring ideas, and creating & developing dances for performance.
  • Performance attitudes, that are considered most important in dance, including personal management and communication.
  • Increased knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, processes and attitudes in the sector, such as roles, responsibilities, performance disciplines and styles

Students will study three components over the two years:

Components 1 & 2

Component 1 & 2 are internally assessed. These components aim to develop core knowledge and understanding of a range of performance styles and disciplines, such as Urban, Jazz and Contemporary Dance. Students will learn about the key features that contribute to them, such as practitioners’ roles, responsibilities, skills and techniques, and will look specifically at three professional works and choreographers.

Students are also expected to develop and apply skills, such as physical and interpretative skills, rehearsal techniques and performance aptitude in dance through workshops and classes.  Reflective practice is essential to develop their skills and techniques, and will take place regularly as students are required to respond to feedback and identify areas for improvement using logbooks.

Component 3

Component 3 is an externally assessed component which is based on a key task that requires students to demonstrate that they can identify and use effectively an appropriate selection of skills, techniques, concepts, theories and knowledge from across the whole qualification in an integrated way. The key task requires students to apply performance skills and techniques in response to a brief and stimulus, developing a group workshop performance for a selected audience.


The BTEC dance course allows students to acquire knowledge and skills which acts as an excellent foundation to an employment environment. The qualification can contribute to a students’ overall GCSE score to progress to further education such as A Levels or Level 3 programmes.

For further details of this course see Miss Challis, Leader of Dance, or any other member of the Performing Arts department.

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