Studying English Language and English Literature provides students with the opportunity to extend their understanding of the need to communicate successfully in an increasingly media-oriented world and increases awareness of the world around them. Exploring and analysing the language of communication is an exciting part of English Language GCSE. Participating in speaking and listening activities which build students’ confidence is an integral part of English GCSE.

Assessment Objectives

English Language investigates how writers use narrative and descriptive techniques to engage readers as well exploring how different writers present similar topics over time.

English Literature provides the opportunity to develop critical reading skills through the study of poetry, plays and a nineteenth century novel.

You will be assessed through the use of regular mock exams with the final external examinations for literature and language in the summer of Year 11.

Element of the course - English Language: English Language Examination 100%

Element of the course –English Literature: English Literature Examination 100%


The course is separated into two elements – English Language and English Literature.

Students will study English Language and English Literature as two year courses, which are assessed by external examination.

For students who enjoy English and are likely to pursue English ‘A’ levels, studying English Language and Literature courses will furnish them with additional knowledge, understanding and skills that will prepare them for the study of either English Language or English Literature at ‘A’ level.

For further details of this course see Ms Barker, Leader of English, or your English teacher.

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