Creative Information Technology

Do you enjoy using computers and want to learn how to use professional software for a variety of fun and dynamic tasks? Do you have creative ideas that could be brought to life using a computer? Do you want to learn how to make a variety of digital content – including games? If the answers to the previous questions were “yes”, then this could be the course for you. This course is designed to help you develop a range of digital creative skills required in the planning, design and implementation of a range of digital products. You will lean about pre-production techniques used by creative teams of professional developers, animators, editors and programmers in order to allow them to create unique and engaging multi-media content.

The UK has a thriving technology sector and constantly needs new talent to join an ever-expanding industry. The UK computer games industry contributes around £1 Billion every year to the UK’s economy, with around 4,000 designers, developers and programmers employed in the Cambridge area alone. The second year of this course has a heavy focus on the study, design and development of computer games. Whilst this is not the only topic covered within this course, an interest in computer games would be desirable. The development of digital games is no easy task; it requires focus, patience and the willingness to learn a variety of new skills – there’s some coding required in the creation of a game, so be prepared. Just having an interest in computer games is not enough to be successful on this course – you must be willing to work hard and maintain focus.

During this course you will study four units. Two of these units will be completed in Year 10 and the other two in Year 11. Each unit has four learning objectives (LO).

Year 10:
R081: Pre-Production Skills

  • LO1 – Understand the purpose and content of pre-production.
  • LO2 – Be able to plan pre-production.
  • LO3 – Be able to produce pre-production documents.
  • LO4 – Be able to review pre-production documents.

R082: Creating Digital Graphics

  • LO1 – Understand the purpose and properties of digital graphics.
  • LO2 – Be able to plan the creation of a digital graphic.
  • LO3 – Be able to create a digital graphic.
  • LO4 – Be able to review a digital graphic.

Year 11:

R091: Designing a Game Concept

  • LO1 – Understand digital game types and platforms.
  • LO2 – Be able to plan a game concept.
  • LO3 – Be able to design a digital game proposal.
  • LO4 – Be able to review a digital game proposal.

R092: Developing a Digital Game

  • LO1 – Understand game creation hardware, software and peripherals.
  • LO2 – Be able to plan the creation of a digital game.
  • LO3 – Be able to create a digital game.
  • LO4 – Be able to review the creation of a digital game.


Unit(s) Assessment Method

R081: Pre-Production Skills: This unit will be assessed through a 1 ¼ hour written paper which you will sit in the June exam series of Year 10.

R082: Creating Digital Graphics

R091: Creating a Game Concept

R092: Creating a Digital Game These units are assessed through a piece of coursework that must be completed in 10 hours. Tasks are provided by the exam board and distributed to you to complete. Work is marked internally then moderated by the exam board.

You should consider studying the Cambridge National in Creative Information Technology if you are passionate about the use of computers and want to build your knowledge of how they can be used in the planning and development of a range of multimedia products. You should be keen to spend time learning new software packages and developing your existing skills further. You will be required to produce a variety of different documentation as part of the course, so it is important to have good written English skills. If you are interested in continuing to study an IT related subject in Sixth Form/College, we offer the BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in IT at our Sixth-Form which is a suitable follow on from this course.

Please note, the qualification students receive is an OCR Cambridge National Certificate in Creative iMedia (J817), however it is titled Creative IT to avoid confusion with Media Studies courses.

For further details of this course see Mr Daniels, Leader of Computer Science & ICT.

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