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Request for increased mobile data allowance

The government have launched a scheme to help parents of students who
- do not have a broadband connection at home (or the broadband connection is very slow)
- or need extra support with data allowance to allow for an increase in the mobile data provided by their current Pay-As-You-Go or Pay-Monthly mobile phone services.
Please click on the form link to read more and/or apply.
Apply for extra mobile data

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Year 7 HED20SurnameFirstInitial@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Year 8 HED19SurnameFirstInitial@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Year 9 HED18SurnameFirstInitial@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Year 10 HED17SurnameFirstInitial@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Year 11 HED16SurnameFirstInitial@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Year 12 HED15SurnameFirstInitial@hedingham.essex.sch.uk
Year 13 HED14SurnameFirstInitial@hedingham.essex.sch.uk

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