Recording Contract for Curbi!

Sixteen year old Toby Curwen Bingley had a very unusual Wednesday just before Christmas.  Instead of getting his usual bus to school, he travelled to Stansted Airport and was flown to Amsterdam to sign recording, publishing and management contracts with Spinnin’ Records, one of the biggest music producers in Europe!  Toby who attends Hedingham School and lives in Halstead, has been composing his own house style music for the last 17 months.  He recently sent a demo disc to a top producer who recognised his talent immediately and offered him a recording deal.  Toby’s music has already been played on Dutch radio under his performing name of Curbi. Other well-known artists that Spinnin’ Records have signed are Calvin Harris, who is of recent Bruno Mars fame, and Martin Garrix, who was also signed to Spinnin’ Records at just 16 years of age.
After landing in Amsterdam, Toby and his mum were whisked off to the studio to sign all the relevant contracts and then he was taken out for lunch to seal the deal. Then it was back to school and normal lessons on Thursday, but he did have plenty of interesting news to tell his friends and teachers!  Toby is now taking mentorship from the record label’s founders, Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf and  is aiming to continue to write as much music as he can before he turns 18 years old and then he will be allowed to go on tour in Britain, Europe and even further afield. 
For the moment Toby also has to concentrate on his GCSE’s, which unsurprisingly include Music, which he takes this summer.  Mr Richard Cull, Leader of Music at Hedingham School, who is Toby’s music teacher commented,’ It’s fantastic to see Toby make the most of his electronic music skills by putting so much effort into his work and getting his music out into the public domain. If he hadn’t put his music on online spaces, such as SoundCloud, he may not have been headhunted so easily by Spinnin’ Records.’  Mr Cull went on to say,’ It is also wonderful to see Toby signed to the same label as Moby, who is an artist that Toby has studied as part of his GCSE in Music.’